the MONSTER at the end of this Book, starring LOVABLE, FURRY OLD GROVER

This was my favorite book when I was little. In fact I liked it so much I got it for my kids just so I could read it again. 
If you haven’t happened across this literary classic I’ll give you the Cliff Notes version. Since the front of the book proclaimed it, Grover is beside himself because there is going to be a horrible monster at the end of the book. He tries tying the pages together. He tries boarding them up. He even tries building a brick wall but nothing works. Each time you turn the page it destroys whatever he had tried to use to stop it. His frustration is peppered with the fear that he is moving one step closer to the monster with each turn of the page. 
The Presidential election got me to thinking about this book. For months the democrats had been saying there was a monster running on the other side but looking back I don’t think they were doing much to try and stop the pages from turning. 
The country has been divided over this race for months now. So I would like to start off by noting that I have no interest in discussing the merits or demerits of either candidate, the time for that has passed. I would however like to look at the factors I think led to the President Elect Trump because it was the most interesting election outcome in my 18 years of voting.   
We might as well start with the Electoral College. I’ll admit it played a part in Trump’s surprising win but not to the degree that many are giving it credit for. The EC has failed to reflect the popular vote five times and three of those were in the 1800’s. Five failures since 1787 is not that shabby but technically they aren’t even failures. The EC was originally established to ensure all states, regardless of size, had similar power in electing the president. That makes wining the EC vote pretty much a numbers game. The Democratic National Committee failed to recognize that a man that openly bragged about using every loop hole he could to avoid paying taxes was probably well equipped to turn the EC system into a competitive advantage. Bark and shout all you want about the popular vote but at the end of the day the democrats got schooled by some highly effective number crunchers.   
The next big factor in my opinion was the bigoted, sexist and often outrageous things he said. You would think these would have been nails in the coffin for his campaign but they actually seemed to light a fire with a fringe segment of his voters. At the same time on the other side of the ticket these comments seemed to have a lullaby effect. I can almost hear them on their campaign conference calls, “He keeps making this easier and easier for us… there is no way you can be recorded saying that and still get elected to the highest office in this country.” They were dead wrong. After years of establishment politics and talking heads a lot of people were hungry for someone who spoke their mind and shot from the hip, even if they didn’t always agree with the targets. The DNC failed to use Trump’s words to fire up it’s own base or better yet, expand it. 43% of eligible voters didn’t even show up. 
If you are reading this on Facebook then you have probably seen the last thing I want to attribute Trump’s victory to but I really like my theory so I am sharing it again. Please feel free to skip ahead. It is my hypothesis that one man’s actions could have had a “butterfly effect” on the election. Just so we’re on the same page the butterfly effect refers to a concept that small changes to a seemingly unrelated thing or condition can affect large, complex systems. In early August Colin Kaepernick grabbed national headlines by not standing during the National Anthem. He did this to bring attention to the racial injustice that is still prevalent in the United States. This angered many Americans that didn’t think that a football game was the appropriate stage for his civil disobedience. In an election that was decided but such a narrow margin those newly ignited Trump backers could have been just the votes that were needed to propel him to the presidency. Not only did Kaepernick distract me from watching the first 5 minutes of every football game to debate and discuss race and intolerance in the US, I think he might have had a hand in getting Trump elected too. 
So what’s all this mean? Nothing really. There are much smarter people than me analyzing this outcome, I just wanted to share my thoughts. It is clear to me though that politics create division almost like no other topic. I’ve heard of life long friendships that have been severed due to this race. It is time for us all to move on from the election and get back to the important stuff like family and friends, if you haven’t noticed it’s almost Thanksgiving. 
And for all the people that are truly frightened of the next President of the United States let’s hope much like in the book there’s not really a scary monster at the end of all this. But if he is a furriless monster take heart in the fact that even if he has some diabolical plan in mind the government works at such a snail’s pace he really couldn’t get that much done in 4 years anyway.   


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