Bus Load of Trolls

Opinions are like elbows, everyone’s got them. 
That’s how the old saying goes I think. Everyone has got them, but I am beginning to wondering when it became their purpose in life to share them? In my lifetime our small towns and big cities have been bridged together by an electronic super highway. Unfortunately when you have bridges you probably have trolls. Unlike the big beastly trolls from a Grimm Fairy Tale these trolls hang out on social media and lash out at viscously at anything they have an opinion on, which is just about everything. 
Maybe it’s just the horrible stew of social media and political commercials that has got me in a funk but it seems that no matter what your position is on any subject there is a mob with torches and pitchforks waiting to argue with you. Responding to these electronic mosquitos serves no purpose but lately I have been twitching to jump into the muck with what appears to be the majority of the US population. 
‘Calm down”, you say “November is only a few months away.” But it isn’t just the election. It’s every form of media I subscribe to or scan. It feels like everyone is just sitting by their keyboard with a hashtag anvil waiting for anything to pop up contrary to what they think. Has social media provided the perfect outlet for people to express their positions or could it be the thing that finally unweaves the sweater of humanity? OK, maybe it isn’t that big of a deal but there seems to be a lot of days lately that I am ready to crawl back into the 1970’s hole I grew up in. 
The more I thought about it the more it didn’t add up, there can’t be that many argumentative people. At least they don’t live in my little town. Most of the people I meet are pleasant. Maybe we are dealing with a silent majority? Could the fringe actually be driving the collective conversation for the entire country, just because they have nothing better to do? 
My mind jumped to a guy from the small town I grew up in. He had some pretty strong convictions in regards to politics and religion. So strong were these convictions that he actually had a bus painted with some of the highlights and not just spray painted, actual professional murals. It makes sense I guess because back then there was no social media. He couldn’t spend half his day on Facebook making comments on posts that disagreed with his position, nor could he video tape rants on Youtube to get his message out, so instead he used a bus as his platform.
This bus was often parked in a lot he owned that I could see through the window of my Sunday school class. I remember reading it and talking to my mom about it but not about the message. I was curious how a guy who was eccentric enough to have his message painted on a bus could even afford a bus in the first place.   
Looking back it was such an odd juxtaposition. There I was in a building in which hundred’s of people who gathered weekly to share in faith and fellowship in a quite and unassuming way. Then less than 20 yards away there is this bus, owned by one man, that grabbed the attention of everyone that passed it, whether they liked it or not. 
What that bus really got me to thinking is that the congregation or more so the majority is getting lost in all the figurative busses that are constantly buzzing around today. The 24 hour news cycle and full time social media trolls want us to believe that the spec of our society they represent defines the views of the entire country but they simply do not. There is a whole lot more of us than there is of them, we just don’t paint busses. 
The anonymity of the 70’s and 80’s is gone. There is no sure fire way to insulate ourselves from the never ending onslaught of faceless trolls but maybe we can draw down the blinds and hide those busses from time to time. Instead of volleying back on that negative comment, I’ll just lob “Appreciate your opinion”. At the very least I will try to focus more on the good people I am surrounded by everyday….. especially you folks that continue to read my stories thereby granting me an outlet. Thanks.


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