Life’s Little Blessings

     One hot afternoon in mid-June I arrived home to the unpleasant surprise of a warm house, worse yet the central air unit was running outside. The next morning I called the heating and cooling guy to have a look at. The prognosis was bad, it was dead and a replacement would be in the $2,000 to $4,000 range.     

      “Not a good time of year for that,” I replied, adding, “I guess there are a lot of people without AC that would be happy just to have a dry place to sleep.” Now most people in this situation would have bitten the bullet and got a new unit ordered but as you may have guessed I’m not most people. To help you understand this predicament I’ll share the following story with you. 

     A couple years back we bought a faucet off of Craigslist. Why Craigslist, you might ask? It doesn’t play into the story but I would guess it was to save a couple bucks. Sure we didn’t price comparable faucets but it seemed cheap considering how shiny it was and as a bonus, it had a spray nozzle.   
     As I was saying, we got this shiny faucet, with a spray nozzle, from Craigslist. I’ve changed out faucets before, it’s not in my top ten favorite things to do list but I sure didn’t want to pay some one to do it either, so as soon as we got home I went to work. 
Plumbers Tape                         –  Check Basin Wrench                          –  Check            New Supply Lines            –        Check     Shut Off Every Valve in the House- Check 
      The job went off without a hitch. The shiny new faucet, with spray nozzle, was installed. I brought the wife in for the grand reveal. “It looks incredible!” I recall her saying as she walked over and twisted the handle. It was immediately apparent that the water pressure wasn’t good, OK it was pretty bad. Shrugging, I decided I should make sure I got all the valves completely open again. DRUM ROLL….. no change, I wouldn’t call it a trickle but it wasn’t even enough to make the fancy spray nozzle spray.   
       “Well it looks nice” my wife offered trying to perk me up, “and I’m sure it’s enough pressure to do what we need to do.” 

      “Great honey, thanks” I muttered as I went through all failure possibilities in my head. I checked and double checked everything. I Googled it. I Youtubed it. I even asked a plumber I knew, “That is peculiar, I can’t imagine what it might be. If you want I can fit you in a month from Friday.”   I resigned myself to the fact that we were just going to have to live with the low flow faucet for a while. 

      But then the faucet got progressively worse, I am talking like 3-4 minutes to fill up a coffee pot bad. This went on for months. My wife would say years and possibly be right.  If anyone complained about the trickle of water I would note that some people spend half of their day getting water to drink and they are happy just to have water, adding that we have 4 good faucets not counting the tub so really the kitchen sink should just serve as a reminder for us to appreciate our abundance. 
     A few months ago, on a whim, we got a new faucet at the hardware store for 50 bucks. 30 minutes later, we had Niagara Falls like flow in comparison and the spray nozzle actually sprayed. 
      Unfortunately I’m pretty sure our new found convenience caused us to take for granted the ease of our lives so karma decided to provide another reminder of our blessings. Some people would be ecstatic just to have a fan. Needless to say it could be years before cold air blows in our house again. 
     I guess the moral of the story is to be thankful….  that you don’t live in our house.  


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