Eyes without a Face

My daughter makes incredible latex masks for herself and friends. This is the first step in her process, a cement cast of the head the mask is going to be made for. I share this not to highlight her brilliance (but she is brilliant just in case you didn’t know) more so to share the face I see as I leave for work in the morning and return in the late afternoon. He lies there in a flower bed near the back steps staring up at the sky. His nose is broken off and epoxy stains his face but I can tell he has so much to say…. can’t you? I feel like that a lot, so much to say but the epoxy of life has sealed my mouth with it’s ‘what ifs’ and ‘remember last time’ recollections. Sometimes I know he wants to scream out, maybe just tell me about a bird he saw or the beautiful moon that lit the sky the night before. Yet there he lies in silence… to often there is silence.  #sheehanigans #photography 


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