Free Art

st joe walk about 231 (2)

I don’t really want to get into a debate whether graffiti is art or defacement, but this piece made me think. Maybe my pictures and ramblings are graffiti to you, unwanted tags slowing you as you browse for what you define as “art”.



048 (2)

These pictures and my ramblings are my artistic release, my therapy, creating is the way I take hold of my crazy world. If you don’t like any of my stuff feel free to click on the mouse. But if you do like something you see I would be elated if you would share, copy, do what every you want with them, because the value to me was in the release.

st joe walk about 236 (2)

Hopefully each of us can avoid the things that make us angry and move towards the things that make us joyful. Create something, anything, give it away and a part of you blooms. For me Free Art is healing, enjoy.


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