Happy New Year

Often the end of year is treated like an annoying relative who has over stayed his welcome. ‘If only he would leave we could get this place straightened up and get on to the things we have been wanting to do.’
That is why for 2013 I resolve to not kick 2012 out without at least sitting down and talking to him. He might know what I can do to make my relationship with 2013 better. Heck if he doesn’t know maybe I can get ahold of 2011 or maybe even 2008, I heard she is still around.
The long and the short of it is that what we all like about the new year is the promise it holds. He is always welcomed when it gets here, the key is to figure out how to still be as good of friends when he is ready to leave a year from now. Each of the years that have visited us should provide hints on how to get along better with the next.
So as I welcome a new friend tonight my hopes for our 365 days together are pretty simple:
– to realize that this journey is not defined by what I do for myself, in the end it will be measured by what I have done for others
– each day to reflect not on what I want but on what I have
– to not let the stress of everyday life fatigue the relationships that matter most… bills will come and go but the time I have with the ones I love is fleeting
– to smile and laugh and dance even when those around me might not understand, mine is a blessed existence
– to express myself with words or art or even song, we are all given these voices and all to often save them only for negative muttering
It is my wish that each of you find happiness and that 2013 will be one of your best friends ever, for if you have read this far you are most assuredly a great friend to me.


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