’twas Christmas Morning

’twas Christmas morning and all through the house,
not a creature was stirring, not even my spouse.
My son’s socks hung on a nut cracker like hair,
I could almost hear one of the kids saying the gifts the other got, were just not fair.
Both now teenagers, they remained in their beds,
I knew eventually they would wake up wanting to be fed.
And as I sat on the couch with a warm cup of jo,
I wondered if this Christmas morning would ever be a go.
The clock reached 9:00 and then 9:30,
no food and to much coffee made my stomach start hurting.
What had happened to the excitement and anticipation,
the predawn arising and late night gift preparation?
Christmas morning used to be magic, the kids so excited,
now if they would just wake up, I would be quite delighted.
They got up before noon and opened their gifts,
but it wasn’t the same as when they were little kids.
Maybe the magic of Christmas can only be seen through the eyes of a young child,
as they tear through the wrapping paper like they were raised in the wild.
I will always remember Christmas mornings when the kids woke us up before the sun,
they couldn’t sleep because they were to excited to start the days fun.
It seemed that Christmas morning might never be the same,
and that maybe growing up was the only thing to blame.
Luckily in my mind I can still see them anxiously waiting at the top of the stairs,
those memories don’t grow up, they will always be there.


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