Drip Drip Drip

As I sat at the breakfast nook table reflecting on the years accomplishments and set backs, it continued it’s monotone cadence.
Drip. Drip. Drip.
A constant reminder of one to do item that I had not checked off. We live in a century old charmer that keeps my list full most years. We had painted a couple rooms this year, moved a cabinet… but the kitchen faucet continued to drip.
Numerous times I had moved the chemical cash that is stored beneath the sink. Each time efforting to get myself backed under far enough to gain the proper vantage point. With the lip of the cabinet digging into my lower back, I peered up with flashlight clamped in my teeth, I could see the bolts affixing this demon. Reaching up, my short stubby arms seemed to be of no use, that faucet was locked in position and had no intention of leaving.
Drip. Drip. Drip.
It’s laughs echoed through the drain from below. Defeated time and time again, I would wriggle out and with head hung low replace the chemicals, do we really need three containers of Windex?
My sister in law came to visit Memorial Day weekend. “What a clever solution to a problem, at least you’re being green.” she noted referring to the pitcher we had placed in the sink to catch the errant water. My wife quickly chimed in, “I got a new faucet, Eric just hasn’t had time to put it in yet.”
She had purchased the faucet, I tried to put it in the weekend before. The words twisted like a knife in my back near the same spot that still twinged with pain from the last meeting with the cabinet.
My fears were not only of getting the old beast out but also of other damage I could do hooking up the new one. The pipes are copper, some of the fittings are sweated, which I was doing just thinking about the possibility of a yet another leak.
Drip. Drip. Drip.
Some of you are probably thinking that I should have just called a plumber, but this faucet had become much more. It was my nemesis, the Moby Dick to my Ahab if you will. If I couldn’t face and defeat this shiny monster, I might never taste success again. It would at least make it difficult to hold my head up at future family gatherings.
Summer turned to fall, the kids got busy with school and sports, the faucet continued to drip. It had become part of the daily routine. Just before making coffee I would empty the pitcher into the dog bowl and water the plants. It was almost a symbiotic relationship, everyone was happy.
Drip. Drip. Drip.
The last week of the year the faucet made the mistake of calling me out while I was on vacation. Time was now on my side, if it wanted to leak out of every joint, so be it, this was ending. I again lined both sides of the runway to the cabinets belly with cleaners. I laid down a board and a towel and slid into position. Then as I strained to see the bolts, it was as if a light came on. Plumbers do this everyday, maybe there is a trick.
With a giant smile on my face I returned from the the hardware store only ten dollars poorer equipped with the weapon I needed, a basin wrench. Could it really have been that easy? A little strain and less than an hour later I called the kids in for the first run. I imagine they looked on with amazement as I turned the water on and then off, no drip.
The faucet had taught me a valuable lesson, sometimes the problems you are agonizing over might have the simplest of solutions.
I am not sure what 2012 has in store but I do know the faucet will drip nevermore.


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